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Bring on the revolution with ‘forward thinking’ electronica
NIDHI GUPTA  30th Sep 2012

Sanaya Ardeshir of Sandunes

hat do you do when there's a tide of novelty hitting an established scene? You start a 'Movement'. This Friday saw the launch of a brand new electronica project by Wild City and Krunk Live, which seeks to shift the spotlight from popular genres and artists to modern, 'forward-thinking' ones – in this case, this included Mumbai-based artists Sandunes, EZ Riser and DJ Moniker.

In effect, the project is a bid to give a new platform to artists who've been working on techno, minimal, glitch, drum and bass music for a while, according to Munbir Chawla, founder of Wild City. "As music consistently evolves, a new breed of producers have emerged within each of these genres, each placing their individual production style both creatively and technically (with advancement of technology) on these genres," he says.

The eclectic crowd at Out of the Box in Hauz Khas Village was treated to the lovely Sanaya Ardeshir doing her two-step jig with some mind-blowing music, as she launched her solo EP Temper Tonic, a "mellow mix of lazy-electronic-dance and my debut freebie-release," as she describes it. Sandunes is generously influenced by London's underground scene, exposed as she was to "some old school meets nu school garage and post dubstep," while studying music in the UK. Temper Tonic is actually a preview to 'Cool Beans', which is her second EP – to be released by Brighton based Vital Sines later this October.

Temper Tonic is actually a preview to ‘Cool Beans’, which is her second EP – to be released this October.

Also debuting with his solo act was Sohail Arora, one half of the popular Bay Beat Collective. "EZ Riser has been a long time coming as I've been listening to a lot of new wave of electronic music coming out from the States, Australia and Europe. Artists like Spoonbill, Koan Sound, Opiuo, pretty lights music and so have sort of played an important role in my life in the last two years," says Arora, also the founder of Krunk. This latest sound he created deviates from the band's signature drum & bass and dubstep, and goes down the glitch hop and IDM road.

The two artists were supported by Wild City DJ Moniker, who always does a great job of wowing the audience. In the near future, the collaboration will see shows in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore on a monthly basis. "We'll be bringing over international acts but pacing them side by side with alternative Indian artists, eventually moving into large scale events," explains Munbir. The electronica scene just got even more exciting.

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