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Brunch in the sun with some healthy food
Abhirup Dam  7th Dec 2013

A spread of healthy salads with the Buffet at The Lalit

he 24X7 diner at The Lalit is all set for the winter with an extended Sunday brunch, which includes a live barbeque grill. Executive Sous Chef Abhijit Dey, who has recently moved to The Lalit in Chandigarh as their Executive Chef, said, "While planning the menu, we prioritise the health quotient. At the Sunday brunch you will get only fresh produce, cooked to retain maximum flavour." The buffet is extensive, and includes a sushi counter too. There is an eclectic mix of Indian, Chinese, and oriental cuisine. The live barbeque has more of a Caribbean touch to it, with jerk chicken, marinated beef, salmon and chicken. Chef Dey informed that they also have a range of marinating to suit the palate of a diner. The brunch can be availed without alcohol, or either with wine, or champagne, besides the regular IMFL fare.

I was quite pleasantly surprised to learn that other than the run-of-the-mill chicken, lamb, and fish deal, the diner also serves a range of other meats and seafood. For example the rotating buffet menu includes capons and quail. The restaurant also serves delectably fresh seafood, with fresh oysters being the highlight of my meal. It is interesting to note that the Indian palate has become fairly inclusive. The fresh oysters, served with a dash of tobacco, a squeeze of lime and a shot of vodka was almost heady and comforting at the same time.

The buffet's salad bar serves a few interesting concoctions, like the palm heart and tomato salad, which was enamouring, while the courgette salad with mango chutney was perfectly balanced. The braised rump, which caught my attention, was a little off-the-mark, with the meat quite dry. The highlight definitely was the barbeque, with a fantastic jerk chicken, and made-to-order medium rare beef fillets. The idea of an Indian-styled barbequed mackerel didn't excite me quite frankly, but after I tasted the beautifully cooked fish, I retracted from my earlier position. The prawns were also optimally cooked and punched in a lot of flavour.

Chef Dey also informed me that all the vegetables were farm fresh and the meat they used were all free range, and obtained from sustainable sources. So the next time you are up for a extended Sunday brunch, replete with champagne and fresh oysters, you know where to go.

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