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Rajesh (32)
‘Cops are using mobile apps to book and impound autos’

11th Jul 2015

Q. What is it like being an auto driver working for a big firm and getting clients through mobile apps?

A. It's been really tough lately. The firm I work for, which has a big national presence now, is facing legal fire, and all of us auto drivers, who signed up with the company, are in trouble because of that.

Q. Why is that? And why are you in trouble?

A. None of these cab or auto providers have legal requirements in place. Also, the police have been instructed to control the movement of taxis and autos that are affiliated to these big firms. This, of course, grants the cops valid reasons to harass us. And they often do it in a sneaky way. They call us through the mobile app, book an auto, and when we reach the pickup point, they catch hold of us and issue challans. I try my best to verify the customer before picking them up. In fact, people should stop booking autos with apps. You can save my personal number instead and call me whenever you need an auto.

Q. Why don't you complain about this to the transport authorities?

A. We are sort of stuck between the cab companies and the police. The companies don't take responsibility for their employees, and the cops just need a reason to make life difficult for us. Recently, as I was driving, I almost got ambushed by the cops. They tried taking me to the police station. Thankfully, I know a "jailor sahib" who lives here in Dwarka. I have been on good terms with him since the last five years, because I also offer home remedies for ailments like joint troubles and other bodily malfunctions. His daughter had a terrible gastric disorder and I helped her get rid of it. The jailor sahib was so happy with my service that he even took me once to Dubai to treat another family member of his.

Q. How much do you charge for your treatments and remedies?

A. I don't charge anything and I guarantee complete recovery. Once my patients are freed from their ailments and are satisfied with my cure, they can give me whatever they deem fit.

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