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Creativity gets a new address with Emaho
SHWETA SHARMA  18th Mar 2012

A photo part of the POST exhibition by Emaho

t was the lack of opportunity to unleash his creative side that prompted 23-year-old Manik Katyal, a Delhi-based photographer, to provide a platform for his counterparts across the world to exhibit their talent. Affectionately called Emaho (an exclamation used for something marvellous and joyous), it's an arts website-cum-magazine that aims to bridge the gap between an amateur and a professional.

"Emaho is all about capturing the best of creativity. Emaho gives you an opportunity to not only publish your work but also a chance to take part in international exhibitions. It covers photography, art, travel and music," says Manik Katyal, editor in chief, Emaho.

Titled POST (Photography on Street and Travel), the series of exhibitions by Emaho began in December 2011. Emaho magazine has correspondents spread across 13 countries, and the exhibition has reached 23 countries within two months. They plan to hold an international exhibition every six months that will give opportunities to 50 talented shutterbugs. Emaho recently had their first exhibit in Singapore, along with a photo walk. The same show will travel to Delhi in the last week of March.

"The main idea is to change the approach of photo competitions in the country and abroad. As of now, it has become a cheap advertising and marketing tool for various brands. The winner gets selected on the basis of likes or shares on Facebook. But, instead of having winners who shall receive prizes from other brands, Emaho would give them an international platform, world photography exposure and also try to support them financially, as all the revenues collected from these exhibitions go to the artist without any cuts/commissions," he explains.

Aimed at offering an arena to display one's skills irrespective of the art form, in April 2012, Emaho plans to organise an art exhibition, Bahaar, in Kashmir, dedicated to Kashmiri painters. It has also collaborated with a Pakistanis band, The Sketches, to start a music project called Seeker — the musical foot print.

"We're ready to launch the project's website in a week's time. After Philippines and Singapore, Emaho exhibition is organising its 3rd international photo walk in Lahore, at the end of this month. We're also launching our latest section called Emaho Initiatives, where we're covering people/organisations working to make changes in the society," adds Katyal.

Emaho is also offering Global Internships in Travel , Music , Photography and Art. For details, visit

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