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Manjeet Singh (30)
Finding the right bike is the most important thing

1st Aug 2015

When did you start cycling?

I have been cycling from the age of 17. I used to watch a lot of cycling events in my village being conducted to spread social awareness by local groups of youngsters. I would collect paper clippings of the cyclists and put them up on my wall. Later, when I moved to Delhi I bought a BSA bike.

How often do you cycle?

I cycle to and from work between Faridabad and Noida which adds up to roughly 75 km. On the way to the office, there is a park where I exercise for some time. Cycling is a very efficient and healthy way of commuting.

What advice would you give to people who want to pick up the sport?

They need to know what kind of bike will suit their requirements. There are several types of bikes available and finding the right one is the most important thing. Even your height matters in getting the right cycle.

What are you other interests?

I am crazy about all kinds of sports whether it's football, cricket, badminton or others. I am good at swimming too. I like staying fit.

What should one keep in mind before they start riding?

Eat something an hour before you start riding. A few bananas usually do the trick for me. Make sure you have proper gear — helmet, water bottle and a good pair of shoes.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to get married now. People look for bridegrooms with either government jobs or property. I don't need her to tick those boxes, but let's see. I'm sure I'll find someone.

Is Delhi safe enough for riding cycles?

It isn't perfectly safe to ride a bike anywhere. In Delhi, the biggest issue riders face is traffic. But there are areas in Delhi, especially central Delhi, where you can ride your bike safely. Also, you should ride your bike before 8 a.m. to avoid traffic.

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