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Goa’s coolest new beach shack

Baxter’s in Goa

It's that time of the year when everybody you know is making a bee-line for Goa. If you do end up tagging along with a friend, we know an exciting new place that you can cool your heels in. Easily the sweetest spot on the Ashwem-Morjim stretch in North Goa, Baxter's is a posh shack that will let you check in any time you like, but you'll find that you can never leave. (No reason to panic, they won't ever play that song.) For those of you more than familiar with Goa, Baxter's is where Bardo used to be. Except it's all been reworked now into a space that offers every kind of traveller a reason to hang out for ages. Sprawled over three acres, Baxter's has an inside-outside restaurant, a beach bar, a little gazebo for live music and a string of cute stalls. Paperboat Collective, Nida Mahmood, Origin 1, Dhoop and Neon Planes have all decided to camp here for the season, and this space really comes alive on Fridays, when Baxter's also hosts a lively boutique bazaar. Beyond lies a lazy stretch of soft sand and a young surfing instructor that grins way wide. There's also a dedicated (and supervised) space for kids to go nuts in, which means they're going to be plenty busy, leaving you to really concentrate on perfecting your tan and taking unscheduled snoozes.

Baxter's is run by four young friends from Bombay and New Delhi; Aftab Sidhu, Cyrus Dalal, Mankaran Johar and chef Honey Mishra. Between Yakhni Pulao, Awadhi Beef Pasanda and treats from the tandoor that have this delightful way of melting in your mouth, meals come pre-plated so you don't have to strain your brain trying to order complementary things from an a la carte menu. After all the hard work that you're going to put into eating, we recommend rolling over and doing nothing for the next couple of hours. When you start to get fidgety, saunter over to the pool table for a game or seven, indulge in a spot of kayaking or some beach volleyball if you're the sporty type, or just mosey on over for a relaxing dip in the sea. Whatever you do with the rest of the day, DO NOT MISS THE SUNSET. Perhaps its biggest draw, Baxter's claims some of the most dramatic sundown views this side of Thalassa, best enjoyed with an icy Goan Sling or Coconut Fennytini. 

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