Prime Edition

Emosanal Atyachar (Brass Band version)

Singer: Band Masters Rangila and Raseela

Record Label: T-Series

Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Hinterlands and brass bands
ADITYA MANI JHA  15th Jul 2012

The distinctive sound of a brass band is ubiquitous in most North Indian cities, being heavily employed for wedding celebrations in particular. So when director Anurag Kashyap, a stickler for authenticity, wanted a home-grown sound for the wedding sequence in his 2009 film Dev D, he instructed music director Amit Trivedi to look for a suitable brass band. Another source of inspiration was the little-known 1988 film Om-Dar-Ba-Dar, which had a song featuring a brass band.

While listening to Pardesi, another song on the Dev D soundtrack, Kashyap misheard the Haryanvi words "agge yaar" as "atyachar" (torture). As Kashyap wrote later, "I told myself that I will tell him to change it to "atyachar". But somehow the same song from Om-Dar-Ba-Dar flashed. The word 'emotional' occurred to me. 'Emotional Atyachar', I knew it would catch on. Together they had great effect." The spelling "Emosanal" reflected the rustic North Indian accent which went well with the film's settings and the visual ethic of the song.

In the film, one sees the song being performed by a pair of band leaders called Patna Ke Presley (Patna's Presleys), a name suggested by Vasan Bala, Kashyap's assistant director. Played by Nitin Chainpuri and Nawazuddin Siddiqui (who went on to star in Kashyap's recent film Gangs of Wasseypur), the over-the-top Elvis Presleys made sure that the song made a deep impact on the audience. Emosanal Atyachar became a runaway success, and Dev D went on to be acknowledged as a landmark film for Indian cinema.

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