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Kamal Singh
‘I think banning errant cabbies is the right move’

4th Jul 2015

Q. How old are you and where is your hometown?

A. I am 50 years of age and my hometown is Bareilly, in Uttar Pradesh.

Q. Where do you live in Delhi and when did you move here?

A. I live near the Ashram Chowk, having moved to Delhi some 20 years ago, after my business in Bareilly went bust. I had a clothing shop that wasn't doing well. It would have put me in debt, so I sold it and relocated here.

Q. Your autorickshaw seems to be brand-new and very well-decorated. Did you decorate it yourself?

A. No, it was my daughter. She is only 13 years old but she is very smart and can read and write very well. She likes Katrina Kaif, which is the reason behind these posters.

Q. Who is the most interesting passenger you have ever driven around in the last 20 years?

A. Pramod Mahajan-ji once sat in a cab that I was driving, along with his secretary. He was a very entertaining man. He laughed a lot, and loudly. I was sad the day he got killed.

Q. The government has banned several cab companies in Delhi after the Uber rape case. Do you think this was the right move or is the government simply robbing people of their jobs?

A. I think it's the right move, and not just because less cabs will mean more passengers for me. What happened with that girl was unacceptable. These companies ought to be a little more careful when selecting drivers. There ought to be certain basic qualities, some minimum criteria for the selection process.

Q. Such as?

A. Such as having a daughter, maybe (laughs). Actually, education is not a big deal, neither is getting fake certificates difficult. I believe that there's no substitute for common sense and a good heart. And I don't know how do you test somebody's heart for goodness. I wish I knew.

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