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Dheeraj Gurung (25)
‘If someone is there to actually shop, they directly come to the counter’

25th Jul 2015

What is your routine like?

I end up spending more than 10 hours a day at the counter I'm allotted at this store. I am supposed to attend to customers, but it's not everyday that people decide to buy jewellery. So usually, I have limited workload.

What do you do with all the free time you end up with, then?

We are not allowed to carry mobile phones to our counters. We have to deposit the phones as soon as we enter the shopping centre. So, me and the other sales executives spend most of our time chatting with each other through the day.

What's the usual topic of discussion?

We talk about everything under the sun. Some people discuss their family problems, some their neighbours and so on. We are like one big family. Each person working in the shopping centre knows everyone else .

Which is the busiest season of the year?

People usually buy jewellery during the Diwali and marriage seasons. So we make most of our sales during the winter.

What has your job taught you so far?

I have been in the retail business for about two years now, and I've learnt quite a bit like figuring out whether someone is genuinely interested in buying something, or the person is there for the sake of window shopping.

And how do you make that conclusion?

Well, it's very simple. If someone is there to actually shop, they directly approach the counter. But those who are here to pass their time without meaning to buy anything, will just loiter around, looking here and there, before finally walking towards the counter, and that too very casually.

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