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Love in the time of Internet, through the lens of dance drama
NIDHI GUPTA  8th Dec 2012

Stills from a performance of LoL

o you thought that social media platforms were bringing you closer to the rest of the world? And that the Internet has turned the world into one small village? UK-based Protein Dance Company is here to prove you wrong. Next week, they perform their latest choreography titled 'Lots of Love', a show about the consequences and influences of electronic communication and internet on the way we connect and interact with each other, at the British Council.

'Lots of Love', or simply 'LoL', is a timely piece about love and friendship that unveils stories, frustrations and desires of six different characters living their lives online," says company director and choreographer Luca Silvestrini. Using movement, text, props such as wires, and humour, along with display screens in the backdrop, this is more of a dance-drama than contemporary dance.Protein is touring India as part of 'Impulse', a festival celebrating the best contemporary dance from UK. The company was also honoured as the Best Independent Dance Company in the National Dance Awards in the UK last year. They are being hailed as the next big thing on the British dance scene, and this is largely due to the director's innovative use of "his language" to make hard-hitting commentary about our society.Image 2nd

"I usually create my dance theatres around issues of the everyday, that concern people on a daily basis. This time, my concern was the changing way in which people are interacting with each other. Everybody, including myself, is indulging in what we're calling 'isolated togetherness' – we interact with those we love every day, but not physically. We do it in isolation, in the privacy of our homes and this is drastically altering human connectivity," says Silvestrini.

While in the past, Protein has performed dance-theatres on the themes of consumerism, the ability of the media to manipulate messages and the notion of beauty and plastic surgery, their next venture will be on the subject of cultural identity. Meanwhile, LoL has been getting rave reviews wherever it has been performed. But for Silvestrini, the success lies in provocation. "When we performed in the Middle East, references to sexuality had a strong impact. It is interesting to see how different cultures respond to a phenomenon as global as the internet," he says.

LoL will be staged at the British Council from 12th to 15th December at 7.30 pm.

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