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New summer menu at Barsoom

18th Jul 2015


Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Ph: +91 99101 73873

Meal for two: Rs.1,700

Salads make for a great summer meal, but you get the best leaves [to make them] only in the winter, Raavi Choudhury, the man behind Barsoom, a bistro and bar at Hauz Khas Village, told us, pointing out the irony. Barsoom has recently started displaying a list of their fresh dishes and ingredients of the day on this little blackboard inside, for visitors to pick and choose from. (On nights when they're hosting events, though, you'll just have to make do with the regular menu.) Over half a dozen new dishes are on trial currently, and the ones that work well with crowds will make it to the revised menu this September, minus any seasonal ingredients of course.

A new addition to their regular menu, that we happened to sample, is the Qui Gon Gin, a deceptive drink where the rush of fruity sweet pineapple juice eventually gives way to the freshness of star anise, served with celery and a kick of gin at the end. The Cocktail Lamb Burger served with mustard mayo and cocktail sauce is a worthy companion to the Qui Gon Gin too. Each helping consists of three sliders, each of either pesto, pepper or bacon. The buns hold together the sweet and sticky caramelised onions, fried bacon and the patty — light but meaty — well. Following the burgers, a serving of stuffed chicken breast on a bed of spinach served with mashed potatoes and oyster sauce is Choudhury's attempt to make sure that you get your requisite dose of nutrients through a smattering of healthy veggies alongside the meat. The chicken breast is stuffed with veggies and wrapped in a strip of bacon, before being placed over a layer of flavoursome spinach. The mashed potatoes are prepared with the skin left on and act as a reminder of how well butter goes with almost anything. And you'll want a dollop of oyster sauce with every bite of the chicken.

Rising from the European influence in the bistro, the Polenta served with shiitake mushrooms and feta cheese wasn't our favourite but it did have an interesting mix of flavours. The soft polenta seemed a little bland after the mashed potatoes, though it seemed like a good way to balance out the sweet shiitake. And the feta cheese and papaya paste neutralise out the strong flavour of the balsamic reduction. On the drinks front, the Carters Apple manages to camouflage the quantity of Absolut vodka with apple juice and rosemary. They've been mixing and matching ingredients on a regular basis, and the summer menu changes almost on a daily basis, so you can expect something new each time you visit Barsoom. The Mezze Platter or a Quinoa Mix Bowl are simple, safe options, or you could get the chefs to make you a bowl of salad with tofu, omelette, peppers, mushrooms and quinoa. On the whole, basis this preview, the upcoming revamped menu is something we're definitely looking forward to.

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