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Scented concoctions for a summery meet
RAGINI BHUYAN  21st Sep 2013

A selection of fragrances at the perfume-making session

ne whiff of Tasman in Grey, and you can feel the sea breeze and the hint of a storm in the air. Is it the element of thyme in the perfume? Is it the vetiver – that always reminds one a little of wet moss, algae, or better still, the scent of the first burst of rain on parched earth? We are not entirely sure, but of the 12 unique perfumes that Gauri Garodia shows us, Tasman in Grey is a crowd favorite with both sexes.

Not that anything else is difficult to like. Garodia, who cut her teeth as former Creative Director of Unilever's perfumes division in India, is the founder of the artisanal perfume label, Code Deco, apart from having her own scent consultancy called Sensus Consultants. Based in Singapore, Gauri's perfumes are a crowd apart from anything you will find commercially. "Most commercial perfumes will use a hook – they are heavy on top notes and are meant to lure at the first sniff. Code Deco perfumes on the other hand equally emphasize all the three notes – the top, the middle and the base, and will linger longer," Garodia said. Sure enough, when I wake up the next morning, I can still smell the sweet aftertaste of Tasman in Grey - jasmine, lily, and musk.

Garodia starts her day at 6 in the morning and works till lunch. "After mid-day your nose gets tired and is working at only a fraction of its optimum levels," she explains. Every perfume we try at the small workshop organised at the Moon River Café is sophisticated and layered. Garodia encourages us to try and detect the many notes in each. Her perfume range is unusual in that she has used marigold for many of the scents inspired by Indian terrains. Thar in Pink, a heady, opulent scent is infused with marigold and sandalwood. "It's a perfume for special occasions. Though it might seem strong when you smell it first, the scent blends very well with cashmeres and silks," Garodia points out. B Minor, a jazz-inspired perfume, harks back to the prohibition era."I used dry gin as a top note to invoke a sense of the times. This is a perfume for the self-contained, stylish, mature man," she explained, while admitting that that she, like many women, often wears men's perfumes.

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