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Spiritual motifs and forms make for visions of the divine
Munish Dhiman  13th Apr 2013

Above and below: Pratiksha Apurv at the Kala Bhawan exhibition | Photo: ts Bedi

er paintings depict a surreal atmosphere through spiritual metaphors. She exemplifies spiritual icons and abstract symbols through the artworks she creates. Better known as a painter of the divine, Pratiksha Apurv, Osho's niece and disciple, has displayed her work in Chandigarh for the first time.

Apurv has held several exhibitions of her paintings across the country, with the intent of disseminating Osho's teachings, running as an undercurrent. She was a successful fashion designer before discovering her interest in painting. When asked about this shift, she says, "Osho in his inspiring discourses speaks about the internal and external richness of the human soul. I attained the external richness as a fashion designer but to achieve internal richness, I renounced the mundane world and started painting to give colourful expressions to the integrated growth of my inner self."

Besides designing for numerous elite families in Delhi, Apurv had been designing for the who's who of music and politics, like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Zakir Hussain, Vinod Khanna, Amjad Ali Khan, Kapil Dev, Hans Raj Hans, among others. "Working on a particular project feels like as if you are on a pilgrimage", she opines.Image 2nd

Surprisingly though, she has never received any formal training in painting or drawing. "I have been meditating since the age of 11 and the journey by far has been soul-satisfying. I have never learnt the art of painting. The idea of a picture comes to my mind while I am immersed in listening to Osho's discourse. I visualise the subject matter of my painting, the texture, colours and the frame and put it on the canvas," she says.

Her work is candid, which expresses a certain depth of thought and conveys her message. "The spiritual mantra I have inculcated from Osho's sermons — 'Stay in the present moment' — gives me both harmony and ecstasy. Meditation disconnects you from the material world and you start enjoying the divine experience once you are out of your worldly cocoon," she adds.

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