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Textured impasto for the abstract
By our correspondent  22nd Dec 2012

Industrialist & MP Naveen Jindal with artist Rouble Nagi

Acclaimed muralist and artist from Mumbai, Rouble Nagi presented her solo exhibition of paintings titled STROKES OF STRENGTH at the Lalit Kala Akademi, which will be on display from 19th–24th December 2012.

The Guest of Honour, industrialist and Member of Parliament, Mr. Navin Jindal inaugurated the exhibition by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Mr. Jindal who has been an ardent admirer of Rouble's works intently viewed her latest works which comprises a series of abstract paintings.

Rouble painted this series while she was on the move in Europe and the Middle East. Every landscape is distinct and the works are rich in texture. An impasto effect has been created, using very thick paint so that the brush and knife work, along with her strokes, are clearly visible. Being a mural artist, Rouble has paid attention to the environment, observing the subtle differences and shifts in colour value and shape.

If you observe carefully, nothing in the works is still; forms seem to hover up, around and collide as they fall creating new shapes altogether. You may notice a startling contrast between thin transparent paint, and thick textured impasto used to create the subject. No two compositions in this series of paintings are alike. Some of them are a sophisticated mix of warm and cool colours mostly low intensity with a punch or two of intense colour just to break the monotony. Rouble's canvases are not still, they have rhythmic energy, so do her strokes when she paints.

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