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Well fed & ‘Farzified’ at Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub

20th Sep 2014

Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurgaon

Ph: +91 88006 90419

Meal for two: Rs.1500

Interiors of Farzi Cafe

Cyber Hub is easily the best thing that's happened to Gurgaon in a long time. For those who work in one of the gazillion offices that surround it, it's a great excuse to break for lunch, and perfect for after-work drinks. For those making their way over from Delhi, Cyber Hub is finally the "ONE GOOD REASON TO COME ALL THE WAY HERE" that you've been asking your friends in Gurgaon to give you all these years.

Housing over 40 of the capital's most popular bars, cafes, bakeries, restauarants and international fast food chains, there's something here for every kind of person, and every kind of mood they may be in.

When we parked our car, we were in the mood to try something new. We spotted Farzi Café on the ground level, but oddly decorated as it is with endless metres of faux grass on its walls, it isn't the most inviting place from afar. Why is there always such a line outside, though? Because this is where people who aren't food snobs can get acquainted with molecular gastronomy, without getting embarrassed about not knowing what the hell that even means.

At first glance, the handdrawn-style menu isn't impressive at all. Bhel puri, Bombay kachumbar salad, raj kachori, vada pav...why am I not just getting this off the street? That's when the very enthusiastic servers and hosts, well trained to tackle exactly this kind of unconvinced stream of consciousness, will swoop in and tell you why you've got it all wrong.

Farzified? That’s not even a word, I countered. Except, of course I was wrong. Farzi means a lot of things to a lot of people, it turns out, but here at this little eatery, it refers to “creating an illusion”.

"It's "FARZIFIED", you see?!" one alarmingly proud waiter said to me (repeatedly, by the end of it), as he laid a napkin across my lap, making sure I stayed put. Farzified? That's not even a word, I countered. Except, of course I was wrong. Farzi means a lot of things to a lot of people, it turns out, but here at this little eatery, it refers to "creating an illusion". So the mini raj kachori looks like a regular chaat item at first, but instead of being doused in thick tamarind chutney, it's topped off with a light chutney foam, and served with a surprisingly tasty crisp okra salad. The dal-chawal arancini are little balls made of the everyday Indian staple, but there's a teeny tiny papad balanced precariously on it, with a dot of mango pickle. The khandvi spheres are like little pellets of Gujarati delight that burst gently in your mouth.Image 2nd

While waiting for the main course to arrive, we got ourselves a couple of chilli duck samosas, served with a plum chutney you can't mop up enough. This feels like a mistake when the Chilli Pork Ribs with Kashmiri rista reduction arrive with the Braised Lamb Chops with soy sauce and whisky sour cream foam — both were cooked to perfection, meat falling off the bone just as it should, and both were gone in 60 seconds. I wasn't entirely sold on the Chorizo Pulao, and the Chiken Tikka Masala isn't exceptionally creative (it's just served in a little red telephone booth), so if you're in two minds about either of these, you can safely skip them and move on to something that sounds more exciting.

Overall, the USP at Zorawar Kalra's new restaurant is that they're offering all the familiar flavours, just in a new avatar. Combined with the little bit of show-and-tell drama that comes to your table with every course (some steam here, some flames there, bubbles popping, dessert crackling...), eating at Farzi Café makes for an interesting meal out. If you can ignore the odd decor, it's a meal you'll enjoy eating and talking about equally.

We could've stopped when we realised we were full, but our greedy brains were still curious about at least a dozen other things on the menu (Parle G cheesecake with Gems? Phirni Oxide? Cotton-candy paan? What does it even mean? Let me taste it all at once!). So even though we never intended for it to be a heavy meal, by the time we left, we were practically racing to get home and surrender belly-up to a food coma.

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