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Be contented to be happy

Happiness is the cherished goal of every human being, both man and woman. But it is a fact that the majority of people fail to achieve happiness. They begin their day with unhappiness and end it with unhappiness. It is a sad aspect of almost every human being. So, what is the solution to this widespread problem?

By applying the well-known formula, "In comparison that we understand", we can explain this phenomenon. Animals are also like human beings, but all animals live in happiness. The word "unhappiness" is not found in the dictionary of animals. What is the reason behind this difference? It is because animals always live in contentment. They are satisfied with whatever they get, be it more or less. This phenomenon tells us that the secret of happiness is in contentment. If you are living in contentment, then you will be happy. But if you are discontent with what you have achieved, then you are bound to live in a state of unhappiness. Studies show that there are two levels of achievement: one based on need and the second based on greed. As far as need is concerned, no one is deprived of it in this world. But the pursuit of greed has no limit. No amount of achievement can satisfy one's greed. It is this nature of man that makes him unhappy. Both happiness and unhappiness are states of the mind. If you are aware of this fact, you will easily be able to manage your ambitions and instantly achieve happiness. Happiness is an internal phenomenon; it is not an external achievement.

Happiness is everyone's greatest desire, but everyone fails to achieve happiness. Why is this so? Because, man is searching for it outside of himself in the external world, although happiness lies in his inner world, that is, his state of mind. Make your state of mind healthy and you will certainly achieve happiness.

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