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Complex free soul

In the chapter Al-Fajr (The Dawn) the Quran states that human life is coloured by the responses we give to it. One who responds to situations negatively is a failure, whereas one who responds to situations positively is a success. After explaining this, the Quran says: (But to the righteous, God will say), "O soul at peace, return to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing. Join My servants. Enter My Paradise" (89:27-30).

According to this, the best course for man to take is to prove that he is a complex-free soul. A complex-free soul is one who accepts the creation plan of God, who can give a positive response in any situation, good or bad; who develops no negative feelings in any adverse situation and who never becomes proud or arrogant in a favourable situation.

He is one who can face either situation with a balanced attitude. He is the one who stands up to the test.

Our world is a world of differences, of unwanted situations; of provocations, therefore, at all times we have to face predicaments that are not to our liking. This diversity of situation is a part of nature. Since no one can remedy this, no one can find a world of peace to live in. We have no option but to accept the world as it is.

Man is required to face all these odds with a tranquil mind. He is required to take them as a challenge and to do so in a positive way. Man is required to give a positive response even in negative situations. Those who prove themselves capable of doing this are complex-free souls.

A complex-free soul is one who accepts God's scheme: in return God will accept him and reward him with eternal paradise. A complex-free soul does not mean a soul without complexes.

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