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Congress should ignore chaff about treatment to Kanimozhi

DMK MP Kanimozhi’s mother Rajathi Ammal (R) along with party members after a meeting with the party chief M. Karunanidhi in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI

n yet another sunny Sunday, I attempt to zealously guard my turf of opinions with wordy harangue.

With the fall of the 34-year-old Communist regime in West Bengal, many are myopically writing off the Left. China's redness, to which the CPI(M) was beholden to in the past, now is as phoney as a four-and-a-half dollar bill. The khadi-clad Congress Gandhians are as green as the followers of Karunanidhi now — sporting the true colours of their party now — with shamed red faces blackened yet again by the perennially incorrect, but politically correct corruption. In defence of the Indian brand of communism, I must say that none of the party faithful have any numbered account in Switzerland or the Bahamas. Many of them are still wedded to their principles of striving for people's rights using, in my opinion, wrong methods. In a nutshell, therefore, the Communists are not as evil as publicly imagined in India.

Communism is, indeed, a political necessity in our nation and it would be asinine to write them off now.

Any comment on my part on the inanity of the arguments for the law to go easy on Kanimozhi simply because she is a woman will surely invite the wrath of bleeding hearts nationwide. None will remember that CM Jayalalithaa too has said the same, and continue attacking me. As a male, I have the weakest defence as a political commentator, despite being of the so-called stronger sex.

The simple facts of the completely political issue are:

1. The Congress should ignore the chaff about the treatment to Kanimozhi in Tihar and look seriously at whether jettisoning the DMK would affect its regime at the Centre. I think the endeavour will not affect the Congress at all because Jayalalithaa has already offered the support of her 9 MPs. True, neither did the Congress take it seriously nor has the Tamil Nadu CM renewed the offer. But then there is Ajit Singh and his flock of five parliamentary members. Mulayam Singh's Samajwadi Party, anyway, is ever-ready with its support from inside, outside, the sidelines, whatever. So far as wholesale horse-trading continues to be our political hors-d'oeuvre [remember Karnataka?] the so-called hors concours shall never be rendered hors de combat. And anyway, the DMK does not have the guts to pull out on its own because none in one's right mind would fling away one's influence at the Centre through the membership in the Cabinet needlessly.

2. But then Sonia Gandhi has a worry in the form of creating political alignments in Uttar Pradesh's forthcoming polls, and in the contorted confusions over Rahul Gandhi being ashamed to be an Indian over the "murders of 70 plus innocent villagers" in India's most populous state. The allegation has now morphed into a joke called "70-feet-high pile of ash". If the Congress prospects in the ensuing elections should not end up likewise, it is better that Rahul looks behind him in history. Did Rahul express even a "ba-ba-black-sheep" remorse on being an Indian when farmers ended their lives in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh [states ruled by the Congress] after loan sharks filched their lands over unpaid loans in the not too distant past? And as this kind of dialogue-mouthing did not win him anything in Bihar except opprobrium, Sonia Gandhi should drill sense into him and ask him to desist from pulling wool over the nation's eyes with this kind of tripe.

3. If anyone has not imagined that any actions on the part of the BJP can directly help the Congress, kindly consider the following: Of the five Assembly seats won by the Congress in Tamil Nadu, three have come from the southern edge of the state, in Kanyakumari district. The BJP nominees polled the difference in terms of numbers of votes that decided victory. Since such wonders have begun happening, if the Congress needs a serious future in the nation, it should distance itself from the 2G spectrum scam-tainted DMK quickly.

Such an effort will help Sonia Gandhi win a few friends and help influence a few more people in other states.

Else, remembering the fact that the sun of another political son, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is on the rise in Andhra Pradesh at the price of the Congress [it lost its deposit in the Kadapa parliamentary byelection] would be a wise move on Sonia Gandhi's part to prevent an avoidable setting of Rahul's career.

Dr Manmohan Singh [on phone to Nitin Gadkari]: You have seriously erred by recommending the candidature of Bharadwaj for the post of private secretary of Sonia Gandhi, sir! Don’t you remember that I am still in harness?

veryone is proffering learned opinions on our incorrectly including names of those detained in India and the dead while sending a list of most wanted to Pakistan. Initially, Chidambaram tried to wash his hands of by saying it was some clerical mistake. Nobody ever suggested that Chidambaram typed the list himself. And it is a national despicable habit for our ministers to hide behind fig leaves whenever rail, air or road accidents happen by pointing out, "I wasn't the driver, was I now?" Chidambaram did likewise with a little more finesse.

India has learnt the art of routinely overlooking such gaffes. But, when the other side happens to be Pakistan, it does get our goat.

Dr Manmohan Singh [on phone to Nitin Gadkari]: You have seriously erred by recommending the candidature of Bharadwaj for the post of private secretary of Sonia Gandhi, sir! Don't you remember that I am still in harness?

Translated from Thuglak on special arrangement by T.S.V. Hari

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