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Man and nature


n the chapter entitled Al-Kahf (The Cave), the Quran gives an important piece of guidance. Addressing the Prophet, the Quran says: Keep yourself attached to those who call on their Lord, morning and evening, seeking His pleasure; and do not let your eyes turn away from them, desiring the attraction of worldly life; and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance, one who pursues his own whims and becomes dissolute. (18:28)

This verse not only sets forth a religious injunction, but also alludes to a universal Law of Nature. In one sense, the Quran is a statement of the Laws of Nature. Those who obey these laws are successful, while those who try to follow their own whims or desires will fail.

Everyone is full of desires. If you simply follow your desires, you will deviate from the right path laid down by God. Those who control their desires, making every effort to know God's laws as demonstrated in Nature and stated in the Quran, have adopted the right path and will reach their destination. There are boundaries in every field of life. One should be very serious about this, and should give due respect to these boundaries. For example, the individual may enjoy his freedom but he will not choose to be an anarchist. He will always follow the peaceful path and will never opt for violence. He will promote the culture of love in society and not the culture of hate and intolerance; he will speak the truth and never tell a lie. No excuse is acceptable in this matter.

In this world you are free, but your freedom has to have some limitations, and that is to avoid anarchy and adhere to the laws laid down by God.

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