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Man has to appear in the Divine Court

Dr Gopal Singh was born in Atabad on 29 November 1917, and died in New Delhi on 8 August 1990. He was a man of considerable accomplishment, being well-versed in different languages. In his heyday he was India's ambassador to Bulgaria and British Guiana, while at a later period he was appointed Governor to Nagaland and Goa. Besides these appointments, he occupied various other important posts.

Just a few days before his death, Dr Gopal Singh wrote an article which appeared in the Hindustan Times of 12 August 1990, under the heading of "An Ex-Governor Speaks Out!" In this, he described the bitter experience he had had during his governorship. Appointed Governor of Nagaland, he found that no development work was going on there. He, therefore, arranged for a supply of electricity and started several projects. For instance, he set up a paper mill with an investment of Rs 87 crore. He further developed an existing sugar mill and established a new university. In fact, he became fully preoccupied with the development of the state. Then he says, "But I was recalled, before time!"

While Dr Gopal Singh was lamenting his recall from the office of governorship, he did not know that just a few days later he was going to be called away from this world itself. How unaccountable it is that man thinks of being "recalled" only from material situations, and remains oblivious of the great, final recall.

Every individual who comes to this world has to leave it one day. Man is born into this world, only to leave it after death, in order to appear in the Divine Court for the Last Judgement of his deeds. For man, this is a matter of the greatest possible concern. There is nothing, which can ever take precedence over this in importance. Yet this is an issue with which man never cares to concern himself.

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