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No individual is beyond God’s love
REV. DR. RICHARD HOWELL  19th Sep 2015

Avinash, 7 and Aman, 6, died of dengue fever in Delhi after allegedly being refused medication by private hospitals. Avinash's parents committed suicide after their son died. Soon protests were underway. What a tragic end to precious lives.

Life is worth special care because of numerous realities. First of all, God created life (Gen. 1–2). God also personally took the form of a human being, as seen in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, suggesting that life in all its dimensions is uniquely special. Moreover, while here on earth, Jesus bore consistent testimony to a commitment to life as he prevented killing and healed the sick (Matt.26:52; Mark 6:56).

God is committed to all life. No individual life is beyond his loving care, no matter how unlovable or unworthy by human standards. Jesus healed all ten lepers even though only one seemed concerned about anything more than his temporal existence (Luke 17:11–19). This special respect for life undergirds certain resource allocation criteria and raises the issue of justice when we fail to value life. As Jesus said, whoever overlooks the doing of justice has tragically misunderstood God (Matt.7:21-23). Jesus' healing work is even referred to as a service of justice (Matt. 12:15–18). Justice has several meanings in the Bible. However, the term is most often used in a distributive sense, primarily referring to the access people have to vital resources of all sorts, including medical resources. The notion of equality lies at the heart of distributive justice. The ultimate basis for the egalitarian treatment of people is that each is precious in the eyes of God. This understanding of justice has particular significance in the arena of healthcare, where life itself is often at stake. Justice would mean an unmistakable commitment to the restoration of health. The starting point of decisions should encompass equal value for all life. Health, a basic need of all, urgently demands application of distributive justice.

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