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Sincere actions will help in afterlife

In this world, people's likes and dislikes prevail. Things are valued according to people's preferences. But the world of the Hereafter is God's world. There those things will be given importance which are important in the eyes of God alone; all else will become valueless.

Actions in this world derive their value from appearances. In the Hereafter the value of all actions will be determined in respect of their reality. The more sincere people's actions are, the more these will be judged important. Actions devoid of sincerity will lose all importance in the world of the Hereafter, however much these may have appeared important to the people in this world, who judge values by appearances.

In the present world such actions are adjudged important as making concessions to worldly considerations, remaining in conformity with current trends. These assume importance in the context of the social tradition of the time. Those who can bow to all these considerations acquire great position and honour in this world.

The state of affairs in the Hereafter will be totally different. There, it is the principled life which will be given weight. There, those actions which have been in accordance with the highest of standards will have value set upon them. There, all importance will be given to those actions which have lasting merit, and not to those which were performed keeping temporary considerations in view.

In Chapter Al-Qariah, the Quran speaks of the result of one's actions: "Then, the one whose good deeds weigh heavy on the scales, will have a most pleasing life. But as for him whose deeds are light on scales, the Abyss shall be his home" (101:6-8). In this world falsehood too may appear to carry weight, but in the Hereafter nothing will carry weight except the Truth.

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