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Thank God as often as possible

The Quran repeatedly tells us to remember God. This is what is known as zikrullah.

One should remember God as often as one can. There may be some distractions in which you are engaged or some work in which your mind is focused, but even these may also lead, in an indirect manner, to the remembrance of God. When your own divine feelings, your remembrance of and love and praise for God, take expression in words, then that is zikr.

It is very simple to remember God, to engage in zikr, and it is also quite natural.

For instance, when you are walking, you can bring to your mind the fact that you are doing so entirely because of the blessings of God.

While outdoors, you see the sun up in the sky, and you remember that it is God who is providing you sunlight. You breathe in fresh air while taking a stroll and you remember that it is He who is supplying you with oxygen.

When you put your foot down on the ground and lift it up, you remember that it is He who has created gravity, otherwise you would be floating in the air and would not be able to walk on the ground at all. And so on.

You bring to your mind the realisation that without these divine blessings — of the sunshine, of the air, of gravity and so on — you would not be able to go out for a stroll.

If you recount all these divine bounties associated with your morning walk, then you are remembering God, you are engaging in zikr while walking.

So, in this way, at every moment, no matter what activity you may be engaged in — it may be your morning walk or something else — you can be doing zikr, remembering God and praising and glorifying and thanking Him.

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