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Understand things in correct perspective

he chapter entitled Al-Zumar (Crowds) of the Quran gives a criterion by which we can recognise those who are endowed with understanding. The translation of the relevant verse is as follows: "Who listen to what is said and follow what is best in it. These are the ones God has guided; these are the people endowed with understanding." (39:18)

A statement, whether religious or secular, has different aspects to it. You can see it from different angles.

No statement about the human condition is ever as simple as two plus two equals to four.

So, every statement can be interpreted in different ways.

Although each statement has only one real meaning, everyone has the freedom to put a right or a wrong interpretation upon it.

Whether the statement will be taken in its true sense or otherwise is determined not by the wording of the statement itself but by the mind of the listener.

If the listener is objective, he knows, taking the statement point by point, how to sort out what is valid and what is invalid.

He has the ability to access and analyse things. Moreover, if he is an honest person, he will take the statement in the right way, without allowing misunderstandings to arise.

The sign of a man of reason is that he has the ability to take the statement in its right perspective.

He is free of biased thinking and can take things as they are without going astray.

Anyone who has any claim to being a man of logic and reason must develop this kind of understanding. He must train his mind in such a way that he can understand things in their correct perspective.

This is a very great asset in both men and women.

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