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Corporate lessons from Brand SRK

8th Nov 2014

Power of a Common Man

Koral Dasgupta


Pages: 341 Rs. 395

Business schools would be deadly boring if it weren't for the case studies that look for lessons in everything from the Indian cricket team's World Cup win to the Mars Mission. And what better way to engage one's students than to throw in a little Bollywood? Koral Dasgupta's Power of a Common Man: Connecting with Consumers the SRK Way looks at the actor's career through the prism of the unique brand he's built over the years. It attempts, in the author's words, "to explore the brand value of Shah Rukh Khan in driving products and services to success in the marketplace and (...) to understand what his films or communications or associations mean to the consumer".

Dasgupta, an academic and management consultant, examines Khan's brand associations on a case-by-case basis and explains how they worked, both in business-speak and layperson's terms. She discusses his associations with Airtel, Pepsi, Videocon, Fair & Handsome and the Kolkata Knight Riders, pointing out how, at various stages in his career, brands have capitalised on different aspects of his personality. She also casts a glance at the film industry, and notes the various stages of its corporatisation. Dasgupta is also clearly a Hindi movie fan; she appears familiar with all of Khan's films as she breaks them down to their constituent values. The result is a book that will appeal to business school students who like Bollywood, as well as SRK fans who'd like to have their hero decoded.

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