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Much-needed recommendation list

26th Apr 2014

Great Books For Children: A Guide

Preeti Singh

Red Turtle/ Rupa

Pages: 232 Rs. 195

To my mind, there can be few decisions more significant, or indeed, as enjoyable, as the one you make in a bookshop just before you're going to meet kids; cousins, a friend's children or a professor's sullen teens. After all, you remember how certain childhood gifts changed the way you look at things. You tend to remember your benefactor, when this happens, and the best way to honour this is to pay it forward. Preeti Singh's Great Books For Children is a godsend in this respect; her curatorial instincts are spot on and the list of not-so-well-known gems she recommends won me over; Manjula Padmanabhan's Mouse Attack, Penelope Fitzgerald's The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, Cory Doctorow's Little Brother and many others. A child who develops an intimacy with such a diverse range of writing will grow up to consume volumes by the dozens. The lists are divided by genre; adventure, fantasy, humour and so on.

Much to my delight, I found a separate list for manga and a pretty solid one too. God bless Preeti Singh.

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