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Director, Whiz Mantra

Listen to your users for growth

he internet has always fascinated me with its potential to transform the social and economic fabric of our society. So when I started looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, the websphere was at the top of my mind. Group buying is also a simple but transformational model. We (my partners and I) only put two and two together and that is how this story began.

While there is no formula for success, there are some principles I believe in. First, always remember, without the customer, there is no business. Second, understand what value means to your customer... to most customers, it means making a clear positive impact on their wealth, comfort or status. Third, trust is critical to any success story. Finally, if your customer is not complaining to you, he's going to your competitor. There is no business that does not have customers who are upset. It's how you respond to them that will determine how they speak of you over time. Solve their issues quickly and you will create brand ambassadors. The culture of our organisation is close to my heart.

We have worked hard to create a culture without biases, driven by merit and performance but with an informality and friendly environment which fosters ownership, ideation and creativity in the employees.

We are constantly working towards ease of access, payment, redemption and consumption and all the technology that is required to support these on various platforms.

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