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Sanshey Biswas

As rugged as it gets

Boat Rugged

Rs 2,490

This wireless speaker from Boat, appropriately called "Rugged", is more than capable of surviving drops. And the rubber coating only adds to the sturdiness of the piece. A camouflage green colour runs uninterrupted across its surface — speaker grills, rubber enclosure and solid plastic back. The top accommodates the Bluetooth, volume and playback controls while the back hosts the charging and AUX ports, in addition to the power button. The device's 1800 mAh battery gives it the ability to play music nonstop for over 10 hours. The speaker has a microphone built in to answer phone calls without having to disconnect from the speakers, which is advisable only if you have a soundproof cabin to yourself.

Our favourite feature on the Rugged was the ability to pair two phones simultaneously with the speaker, allowing you to switch between them to control. As for playback, when one phone is playing music from the speaker, the other remains muted until the former is paused. However, setting it up wasn't the simplest task. When already paired with one phone, the speaker wasn't discoverable on the other so we had to disconnect the speaker from the first phone to connect a new phone to it. And then connect the first phone to the speaker again.

For its size, the sound quality is impressive. The only flaw we spotted was with the placement of the woofer, inside the gap on the speaker, thus distorting the thump on the device because of the lack of free space in front of the woofer's outlet.

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