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Zahid H. Javali is part-columnist, part-photographer, part-gadget guru and a full-time custom publisher.

Audio-visual shirt for Star Wars fans

Are you looking for gift ideas for people who are die-hard Star Wars fans? If yes, then how about a Star Wars Death Star Electronic Attack Shirt that lights up and also releases a loud laser sound? You can simulate the exploding Death Star on your tee just by pushing a button. The wired speaker box inside your shirt (you can conceal it in your pocket too) will replicate the entire laser blast sequence, superlaser power-up before the final fire, with embedded LED lights that add to the blast effects. You can adjust the volume, turning it loud enough to wake up the dead. Powered by a quartet of triple-A batteries, this shirt is a licensed Lucasfilm Collectible. Just remember to remove the battery before hand-washing the shirt. Cost Rs 2,450.

Portable keyboard for your Apple devicesImage 2nd

If you have an iOS device (4.2 or later) and love music, Gear4′s PocketLoops Portable Music Creation Studio is just for you. Not only can you create your own songs and be your own remix producer, you can also email it to your friends as an m4a file. The device integrates your iPod and iPhone to a keyboard through the PocketLoops app. The result: you can remix tunes with drums, bass and melodies; add cool effects like echo and chorus; record in one or four bar loops; choose between seven drum kits; add up to four instruments per song, and much more. This makes it a great tool for travelling musicians as the flat, light (32 grams) design pops easily into most bags. Cost Rs 6,500.

Planetarium brings stars to your homeImage 3rd

Always wanted to gaze at the stars, but lived far away from a planetarium? Worry no more, turn out the lights and let the Star Theatre Planetarium recreate the cosmos on any ceiling or wall in your house. This device uses the same optical-quality lens system with adjustable focus as commercial planetariums, just on a smaller scale. You can see 10,000 stars and several constellations in detail thanks to its white LED technology and advanced projector. It includes two interchangeable hi-res image (Starfield and Earth/Moon/Sun) discs and a slide detailing the constellations for enthusiasts. The product has a motorised image rotation, so you can see the stars move, and an adjustable projection angle. A nap timer switches the device off automatically, saving on power. Although it has battery options, it comes with a 3-pin UK plug only. Cost Rs 15,300.

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