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Car Power Inverter
  29th Aug 2015

Image 2nd By Targus

Rs 1,975

This flask-shaped inverter by Targus is a much desirable new travel accessory, particularly for people who spend a lot of time driving around, stuck in traffic. With the Car Power Inverter, you'll no longer need to own a DC adapter for your car charger. Just plug the inverter in and you have AC output of 200W at your disposal at all times. You can plug your laptop charger in one port and use the USB one to charge your phone simultaneously, making this a very convenient purchase.


Image 3rd Android & iOS app


Keeping track of online group conversations can get quite chaotic, especially those meandering all-day long exchanges. WhatsApp makes the process simpler but not entirely seamless. That's where GeckoLife comes in, taking care of all group conversations you have during the day, whether official or personal. You can be a member of multiple teams, send direct messages to your group members and, best of all, GeckoLife supports most file formats, which make it a really good balance between email and messaging.

JIL 3906

Image 4th By Frontech

Rs 1,100

The JIL 3906 is a rugged, feature-packed portable Bluetooth speaker. The speakers are shockproof because of the rubber housing, which also makes them water resistant and dust-proof. Hilly terrain, rainfall or dust storms — no force of nature will interrupt your music playback on the JIL 3906. (Well... within reason. Don't expect the speakers to survive a swan dive into a lake.) The size remains compact but the 3W speakers promise a punchy sound, and also support micro SD cards, FM and Bluetooth for music playback of up to 180 hours. Plus, you can pair them with phones or other devices.


Image 5th Android & iOS app


SkinVision is a new app that helps you stay on top of things when it comes to melanoma. All you need to do is click pictures of a new, suspicious looking mole that crops up. The app uses algorithms to analyse its risk potential. Your photos are saved and help in tracking the progress to determine the seriousness of the case. On installing the app, you get unlimited access to its features for a month and lifetime access to the results and records related to your skin's health. Since you'll need the app only if you find something suspicious growing on your skin, you can sign up for a subscription whenever you need to. That said, we advise you to use this as additional assistance, not a replacement to a good old doctor.

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