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Dude, where’s my car?

If we had a dime for every time we've lost our car in a big, multi-level parking lot, only to wander around aimlessly, seedily, searching for some kind of a clue to its whereabouts... well, we'd be richer than we are now. But that's just an inconvenience, nothing more. A greater problem facing citizens of our great country is safety, particularly during commute. Trak N Tell, a new device and mobile app, tries to chip in to improve the situation through the TNT 888, a device that you can fit on to your car, allowing you to communicate directly with it, using "telematic" technology. The accompanying Trak N Tell app can be installed on your smartphone, and it helps you track the movements of your car.

The TNT 888 targets the average Indian family where safety is of prime concern. It allows one to track movements of the car in real time, through the Track Your Vehicle option on the app, which allows users to view information about the car's coordinates at any given point. The Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Immobilizer helps users immobilize the car in case the user is receiving movement alerts when the car shouldn't be in motion, helping you to locate the vehicle in case it's stolen.

In addition, the app also provides facilities to locate your car in parking areas, which is particularly useful in places without effective GPS connectivity, and informs users if the car is being driven in a rash manner.

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