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Zahid H. Javali is part-columnist, part-photographer, part-gadget guru and a full-time custom publisher.

Fitness in the fist of your hand

If you are an athlete, the Metal Pro Powerball should be the perfect training tool for you. Set the inner section spinning through rhythmic circular hand and wrist movements to maintain the rotation as well as make it faster at a steady pace. Not only that, the device also promises therapeutic benefits, especially if you are suffering from lower forearm and wrist joint injuries. Finished in mirror chro me, it's the powerful gyroscope that does the deed with its spinning. The digital counter, which displays your high score on its LCD display at the end of each session, ensures you're addicted and keep on working to beat your previous score. The result: build strength as well as muscle tone in areas like your wrists, forearms and shoulders. Cost Rs 5,550.

Gizmo to warm up your room Image 2nd

Forget costly central heating and go for the Radiator Booster Mk3 instead. The third and latest edition of the booster improves efficiency as much as 50% and works on a simple principle. It sits neatly on your radiator, accumulating the heat lost through the wall behind the radiator and re-circulates it evenly around the rest of the room. The best part is the thermostat, whose powerful quiet internal fan will swing into action the moment the radiator touches 30 degree Celsius, which eliminates the need to turn the unit on and off manually. It's a handy gizmo that makes your room nice and toasty and saves on electricity cost, too. Cost Rs 1,980.

iPad accessory to play joystick Atari games Image 3rd

You better put the iCade for iPad on the top of your list when you go shopping for Christmas this year. With a chunky joystick and eight full-sized control buttons, you can play arcade games on Apple's blockbuster touchscreen device. The all-retro iCade talks to the iPad wirelessly and lets you play hundreds of retro downloadable titles via the Atari Greatest Hits app at the Apple Store. And the best part is that you can play all the Atari classics, both old and new. It's an iPad accessory you could do with, particularly if you are an Atari fan. When you are not playing, the iCade doubles up as a stylish stand for your iPad. It's compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2. Cost Rs 6,400.

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