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Sanshey Biswas

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PHICOMM Passion 660

Price: Rs 10,999

We hadn't heard of Phicomm until they launched their mid-range phone Passion in the Indian market. Available in black and white, the Phicomm Passion is an interesting device. On holding it, you'll notice the really good build quality despite its lightness. At 110 gm and 7.3 mm thickness, the mass is well balanced for a comfortable one-hand operation. The reinforcing magnesium alloy frame on the inside adds rigidity, making sure it doesn't feel flimsy. The frame runs down the side, making space for the power button, the volume rocker, a micro SD card slot and a dual SIM slot (one micro and the other Nano).

The operating system is Android 4.4.4, which is a couple of upgrades behind the latest version but tries to make up for it with a really bright, in-house UI called EXPECT. While there does seem to be an overuse of white throughout the UI, the addition of outdoor apps, including a Barometer, Compass, Pedometer and Radio, make it a good camping or trekking companion. The WirelessDisk app on the phone makes transferring files without cables a breeze. The phone even has an E-warranty app that makes getting customer support much easier. In fact, within months of the phone's launch, the company boasts over 100 service centres all over the country.

The camera on the Passion is quite similar to that on other companies' phones, largely because they're using a 13 MP sensor manufactured by Sony. The pictures have a cooler hue and bring a lot more of the image into the single frame, possibly because of a wider lens. The auto-focus camera's sharp images are reproduced accurately on the full HD display on the front. The colours seem subdued and pleasant, much like the phone itself. It's a really good device that kind of takes a backseat to let the software and apps take centre stage. 

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