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Sanshey Biswas

Phicomm’s low budget phone makes no compromise

Phicomm Energy 653

Rs 4,999

The Phicomm Energy 653 is the best value for money 4G phone available on the market. The Chinese phone maker entered Indian with their Passion 660 at a budget category and now offers a device with a newer OS for half the price. The phone sports a understated design that lets the screen take centre stage while keeping the weight light enough (100 grams) for the 5 inch screen to be easy to use with one hand. The back panel is available in white and black and cover is a 2300 mAh battery under the two SIM slots and microSD slot. The One sim supports 4G spectrum but the other one features only 2G which is fair considering the price its being offered at. The top of the back houses a 13 MP camera on the top that is surprisingly good. We barely had any expectations from it but we're really want to know where Phicomm is scoring these great sensors from. The 2 MP front camera also makes sure you look good on the vide calls. The cameras are comparatively sharper and barely grainy in normal lighting.

To launch the camera, all you need to do is swipe from the right of the screen and you get the same Material Design transition into the camera app that we love from Android L. That's because this sub Rs 5,000 phone comes with a quite straightforward adaption of Android L running on a 1.1 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM. The phone remains zippy beside the 1 GB RAM on offer. If you open up too many apps on the phone it will have to halt others. But the app you're on remains functional and launching apps is a zippy process too. Instead of the resource hungry Google apps, you get a pre-installed browser, music player, warranty manager, file manager and email client among other necessary app. And you still have about 5 GB of internal storage at your disposal. You can also customise the actions for all the physical and touch buttons on the phone.

But all the apps need to look good and that's where the gorgeous screen steals the show. As soon as you power the device, its all about the screen. No earth-shattering design or material has been incorporated into the design of the device except for the light weight. And the crisp display with great colour reproduction makes up for the otherwise ordinary appearance of the design. At the highest brightness, the screen will hurt your eyes but under direct sunlight, remain legible enough. You get a free screen guard in the box that's the exact dimensions of the phone and we recommend you get it put on by someone reliable to avoid misplacement and bubbles.

Phicomm seems to be paying attention to their R&D and manufacturing because this really affordable phone barely makes any compromises and is a great option for someone looking for an good device but has a bad history of losing them.

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