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Zahid H. Javali is part-columnist, part-photographer, part-gadget guru and a full-time custom publisher.

Star Wars lightsaber becomes your torch

If you are a fan of the Star Wars space film series, and particularly of Darth Vader, the 7.5-inch Lego Darth Vader Torch Light might figure as a cool keepsake. In other words, the formidable Dark Lord of the Sith is now a bringer of light. His arms, legs and head are all adjustable, which ensures you can make him pose any way you please. With bright white LEDs shining from beneath his feet and his red lightsaber glowing, this Darth Vader is sure to light up your path. Powered by a quartet of triple-A batteries, it's a Lego and Lucasfilm collectible you will keep for years to come. Cost Rs 1,475.

Add colour to your iPad programmesImage 2nd

You can become a painter extraordinaire with the Nomad Brush. It has a walnut and carbon handle, a rubber grip to ensure a firm hold, and a brush tip that mixes natural and synthetic fibres. Load any of the many painting apps on your iPad and you are good to go with bristles that are so soft, even an artist will delight in it. Be it feather touch or thick strokes, you can colour your works of art any way you want. With the additional option of going for a short or long brush, you have enough reasons to go tap-tap, swipe-swipe on your tablet. By digitally mimicking your touch, it's the best way to paint, minus the mess. Cost Rs 1,575.

Weighing machine that talks to your iPhoneImage 3rd

The WiFi Bathroom Scales is every fitness freak's wet dream come true. Really. Available in black and white, there's the backlit graphical screen that not only measures your weight, but also calculates your body mass index and fat mass. Not just that, it relays this information through WiFi to your iPhone, laptop or desktop, so you can track your weight loss or gain — enough motivation for you to lose those extra tyres. The best part is it can record and identify up to eight users. You can even use this in sync with the many fitness apps on the iPhone like Daily Burn, RunKeeper and WeightBot. Cost Rs 9,500.

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