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The only purchase that you will ‘like’ this year
Sanshey Biswas  28th Mar 2015 was just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is now in talks with publications to publish their articles on Facebook itself, so that a user doesn't have to jump to another tab to read an article. The proposed scheme is that Facebook and the publication will share a part of the revenue that is generated by the user clicking on an article for their post. This approach is similar to Twitter allowing you to open articles whose links are embedded in a tweet rather than loading it in the browser.

What remains hidden is Facebook's attempt to generate more moolah-per-clicks by keeping users on their website for as long as they can. This could lead to a troubling situation. Like, where you get internet access to Facebook-approved websites for free, may soon pay sufficient money to its users (enough to support their basic needs) for spending a certain amount of hours on Facebook.

The probable system,, might not be that evil a cause that just supports the needs of Facebook by bringing more users to it but also provides financial and nutritional support to the struggling communities around the world.

Analysts have predicted that Facebook can cover the cost of one meal in most of the major cities around the world and still make enough profits if a user spends six hours on Facebook, clicking on sponsored ads and posts. This might be the largest employment and support scheme ever to be implemented. After selling the idea of a free-internet to telecom providers around the world and huge dump of discarded phones that are still functional (that can be distributed by charities), the Facebook might be able to pull off and march towards fulfilling their mission of meme domination.

(Jack Nicholson plays the Joker, and so do we. Almost every word in this edition of The Sunday Guardian 20 is an unnecessarily elaborate joke. Happy April Fools' Day from Guardian20, two days in advance!)

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