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Zahid H. Javali is part-columnist, part-photographer, part-gadget guru and a full-time custom publisher.

The ultimate gaming chair that massages

t's called the Ultimate Game Chair with good reason. With 12 vibration motors synchronised to the games action, the chair takes your gaming experience up a few notches. The best part is that you could do away with your headphones and plug in to your home stereo system for a surround sound effect. If you only want audio, you can use your iPod, DS, PSP or generic MP3 player; what's more, there are adjustable 3D stereo speakers built into the chair. Be it steering wheels or custom controllers, both gaming accessories work efficiently with this all-leather chair. It has an adjustable headrest, leg rest as well as a beverage and remote control holder; not only that, the chair will even give you a massage. You are guaranteed a good round of gaming fun with your PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, Mac, PS1 and Xbox Live. Cost Rs 19,600.

Tester to diagnose your car's problemsImage 2nd

All those who hate spending hours at the mechanic, can now diagnose their car's problems themselves with the CarMD. The handheld tester evaluates your vehicle on various counts and gives you a full-fledged report. All you have to do is attach the device to the port under the dashboard and it will link to your car's computer. To access the report, just hook the accompanying USB cable to your PC or Mac. The report will not only highlight the problem but also the solution and how much it would cost to fix it. The only drawback is that the CarMD only works on cars, trucks and minivans manufactured in the US. It comes with a CD, free lifetime software and firmware updates, two triple-A batteries and storage pouch. Cost Rs 5,900.

Mini planetarium to bathe your home inImage 3rd

How many of us want to have a terrace pool and bathe under the stars? And how many of us want to sleep under the night sky? If you like both or one of the options, StarBath is what you should get. With white LEDs, this mini planetarium projects about 10,000 stars at a distance of 150cm to 230cm. Take this to mean a projection range of 100cm in diameter that is enough to fill up a standard bathroom or bedroom. Powered by four triple-A batteries, the device gives you three hours of star gazing, by which time you would fallen asleep, in the tub or in bed. Watching the stars has never been so much fun. Cost Rs 2,700.

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