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Zeb EM1
  22nd Aug 2015

By Zebronics

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The EM series is Zebronics' range of earphones with high quality build and design, attempting to enhance the already pleasurable experience of listening to music. The drivers that produce the sound are contained in a metal casing that reduces leakage, rattle and distortion. This means bass thumps sustain for longer than conventional earphones with plastic or fibre enclosures. You get three earbuds in the package, and finding the one that fits your ears will reduce the need to crank up the volume for blocking out background noise. It's a process of noise isolation, not noise cancellation, and helps keep the music in its intended form. You can also receive and make calls with the inbuilt mic and playback control button without having to take the phone out of your pocket.


Android & iOS

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Need any electrical work done? Or plumbing and carpenter work? Or maybe you need your laundry done, along with getting a couple of faulty appliances repaired. Might as well get pest control while you're at it. As long as you're in Mumbai, Doormint will come to your rescue, providing you the exact categories corresponding to these services on the app home screen, and at reasonable prices. Set up an appointment and the job will be taken care of. With some transactions, you also get rewards in the form of coupons. That means discounts for you and your friends the next time you avail these services. You also get the contact details of the service person assigned to the job you've purchased on the app. You can chat with them within the app or call them up for any updates.

Pixel V1

By Lava

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This phone is the latest addition to India's Android One lineup. This means you get an unaltered Android ROM experience, comparable to a Nexus device. The phone is also guaranteed to get the latest OS updates for the next two years. The innards sport an impressive 2GB of RAM and 32 GB storage that can be expanded. Unlike other budget devices, the 13 MP camera is paired with a 8 MP camera on the front and a 5.5 inch display to view the pictures. The battery has 2,650 mAh capacity, which should get you through the day but, under heavy usage, getting a power bank would be advisable. And if your phone has kicked the bucket, the Mobile Store will deliver this puppy to your doorstep in two hours under their Fastest Expert Delivery Service.

Red Ball 4

Android app

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This game is an evolved version of those tiny Java games that let you control a notorious red ball that keeps rolling, and it's your job to get it across obstacles while dodging deadly laser beams and sharp objects that will destroy the ball, deflating it and costing you a life in the game. All this to fight the evil square villain whose idea of world domination is to make all round things square. Including the earth.

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