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Advanced cosmetology in Delhi at Lumiere Dermatology
Payel Majumdar  22nd Aug 2015

Advances in cosmetology has reached age-defying proportions. If you were to say a nip-and-tuck was possible to enhance your beauty from any aspect, you wouldn't be wrong. Dr Kiran Lohia, MD has launched a dermatology clinic called Lumiere Dermatology's centre in Vasant Vihar with the same attitude in mind. Dr Lohia is a dermatologist, trichologist cosmetology expert, and this is the second franchise for Lumiere Dermatology. She is a New York educated and trained dermatologist who now practices in New Delhi. A Columbia University graduate, Lohia has an MD specialising in dermatology.

The new clinic is spread out over a space of 7000 square feet, and offers state-of-the-art facilities for new age treatments, along with updates on previously available cosmetic treatments in the city. The clinic is designed keeping the comfort of the client in mind, and most of the treatments are non-invasive and have permanent results. Dr Lohia has imported most of the technology being used in the clinic from the US, and the clinic claims that it can treat every skin condition from acne and acne scars, to pigmentation, ageing, hair fall and excess fat. The clinic also has some fun treatments such as a hand lift, a procedure that leaves your hand glowing, line-free, almost photoshopped, according to Dr Lohia.

Dr Lohia's New York Facial is very popular among celebrities and socialites, a technique which she will be using at the clinic as well. Apart from cosmetic technology, Lumiere has a range of glow inducing facials for the face and body. Some of the technologies include the US FDA Approved Ulthera, the most advanced science for non-invasive face, neck and body lifting. The Vasant Vihar clinic also has the honour of being the only centre in Asia with Soprano ICE. The machine is utilized in the most advanced laser for permanent hair removal that can clear fine and resistant hairs in almost half the time. It is non-invasive as well, and it utilises a gel-like substance reducing the body temperature locally to below freezing point, making hair removal pain free. Clearlift 4D is meant for melasma, pores & and fine lines. ClearSkin is an effective way to get rid of acne as well as acne scars. iPixel is used for stretch marks and sagging skin, Accent Ultra for body contouring and double chin removal and Cooltech Complete for fat loss. Dr. Kiran Lohia said, "In India, we have previously had a lack of truly advanced sciences, treatments and care. With Lumiere Dermatology, I have tried to change that by bringing the absolute best therapies to India, while innovating solutions so that Indian patients can get the same or even better results they would get in New York. I have spared no expense or effort in ensuring that Lumiere has the absolute best US FDA Approved technologies."

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