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Serving alcohol, stock exchange style

Viraj, Neeren & Viksit at the club’s launch

ust when we thought nothing new could be done with the city's clubs conceptually, a new pub hit the town, bringing with it an exciting new concept and alcohol rates to die for. I'm talking about Charlie's Bar Exchange, which opened last week at Salcon Ras Vilas Mall in Saket.

Essentially, the pub takes from the concept of a stock exchange and applies it to its bar. Confused? Don't be. It's actually quite simple. As you walk through the doors, you see big television screens on the walls everywhere, displaying the ever changing price of alcohol. One moment a pint of beer costs you Rs 145 and the next it drops down to a mere 65. All you have to do is watch out for when the prices drop and immediately head to the bar to get your desired drink. The uncanny feeling you get that you might be at BSE with companies names listed alongside continuously tumbling figures, is undoubtedly a part of the experience the owners were aiming for. Except that instead of companies' names, you have the choicest brands of beers, vodkas, tequilas and cocktails listed here.

The brain child of Neeren Tiwari and Viraj Lamba, Charlie's Bar Exchange is a modern pub that aims to give its customers 'value for money' as well as an exciting experience. "I wanted to create a place where people can come in for a decent round of drinks priced moderately. But unlike other pubs that are not priced steeply, we also want to be able to exercise some crowd control so that things don't go out of hand. For this purpose, we will be issuing membership cards which will also help spread the word about the place," said Neeren Tiwari at the launch.

The pub's decor is pleasing, reminiscent of Irish pubs, complete with a distinct wooden finish. Charlie's Stock Exchange presently serves a mix of American, Indian and Mexican cuisines.

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